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Handwriting on the Wall for Construction Unions in NYC

Construction unions are reaching a serious crossroads in New York. For years, utilizing political muscle and other forms of intimidation, they dominated building in the city-squashing non-union efforts easily like a bug. But then things began to change as the death grip of organized labor was slowly removed and contractors began to see how costly and inefficient the building trades had become.

BNYC Supports Mayor de Blasio’s Zoning Legislation

Mayor Bill de Blasio is urging the state legislature to change the law to permit the city to promote larger residential buildings that would pave the way for more affordable housing in the city

BNYC Supports Brooklyn Borough President on Construction Union Diversity

In today’s Crain’s, Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams highlights the fact that the construction unions that are loudly demanding that affordable housing developments hire their own members at a high prevailing wage scale, “…lack the [...]

Crains New York Doubles Down on SKYPICKER

It’s always sad when New York City politics and bureaucracy kill an entrepreneur’s dream. But one such story, recounted by our Peter D’Amato in last week’s Crain’s, is especially infuriating because the innovator, crane operator Dan Mooney, wasn’t the only victim. The whole city lost.

Crain’s New York: The Little Crane That Should

Business magazine Crain's New York Business investigates why an innovative, compact crane called the "Skypicker" is not allowed to operate in the city after multiple successful runs on a Manhattan Construction site

Is Cuomo the new Boss Tweed?

Late last month, Gov. Andrew Cuomo made it clear that he cares more about political connections than empowering workers in New York. This should be deeply concerning for taxpayers and for those who want to create more middle-class jobs throughout the state.

BNYC Supports REBNY on 421-A

BNYC believes strongly that it is time for the governor to intervene and draft an extension proposal for the vitally needed 412-a program.

Labor-tied councilwoman and union foe tangle over wage bill

A leading opponent of construction unions is demanding that City Councilwoman Elizabeth Crowley return union campaign contributions, saying she is pushing a bill that would directly benefit her donors.

Observer: Amid Spike in Deaths and Spat With Labor, Nonunion Builders Launch Training Program

BuildingNYC, a coalition of 12 “merit-based” developers and contractors, is partnering with the Associated Builders and Contractors, a national federation of nonunion companies whose members provide training in the trades.

Crain’s: What killed 421-a? Old-fashioned protectionism

Key program to produce affordable housing is losing out to myopic and selfish pleading by organized labor

The Real Deal: Just kidding: IBO corrects its 421a report, says prevailing wage requirement would actually cost city $4.2B

From The Real Deal: The Independent Budget Office says it botched a recent report on affordable housing by drastically underestimating the impact of requiring prevailing wages on projects benefiting from the 421a property tax break. [...]

Crains: Union labor for construction is far more expensive than originally estimated

From Crain's New York Business: IBO rechecks its data and says the added burden is a whopping 23% Using union labor to build affordable housing under the mayor's ambitious program will be almost twice as [...]

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