skyscrapersBuildingNYC was created to advocate for the right to work in an equitable and fair environment, free from unfair regulation, political favoritism and special interests who are desperate to maintain their ever slipping market share within the NYC construction industry. 

 Much of the industry is under siege by forces that cling to old patterns of behavior.  These forces seek to undermine-to literally pull the rug out from under-tens of thousands of immigrant and minority workers doing the largest percentage of all the construction work in NYC.

Even though we have been mired in a climate of economic recession and income inequality, these workers have managed, through hard work and perseverance, to achieve significant opportunities for stability and long term success. They come from almost every one of New York City’s working class neighborhoods where unemployment exceeds the national average. These are the kind of immigrant and minority workers who have been historically ignored by construction stakeholders wedded to an outmoded, and quite often discriminatory, method of doing business.

We will set the record straight as special interests continue to spread untruths about the very companies and workers who are successfully building the majority of quality construction, employing the largest and most diverse workforce, and building more affordable housing than any other faction in NYC today.

BuildingNYC is working to:

  • Ensure that regulations, codes, laws, and overall industry standards are applied without any bias;
  • Advocate for clear and responsible health and safety criteria that affects new and current legislation;
  • Create and expand ongoing education and training programs that create a clear path for enhanced safety on the job, career advancement, and job security; and
  • Promote a level playing field within the NYC construction industry thereby creating more job security for he workers and their companies, those that are industry leaders doing the majority of work in NYC today.

BNYC welcomes all workers and companies who support our mission. Join with us now!

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