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BNYC Calls for Action to Address NYC’s Affordable Housing Crisis

Building NYC blasts critics of 421-a tax subsidy for developers, saying that they are putting their own special interests above the needs of struggling New Yorkers.

Crain’s: Labor Leader Given Soapbox on Construction Deaths

The assertions of Gary LaBarbera should not have gone unanswered in a recent Crain's story

Crain’s: Builder’s Powerful & Reasoned Rebuttal to Building Trades’ Lou Coletti

This is what happens when an accusatory climate of vindictiveness is created by a media frenzy: false claims are loudly proclaimed, reputations damaged, and when the truth finally emerges months later, small corrections are buried deep inside a trade paper.

BNYC: ‘Good’ contractors should be careful what they wish for

How can an organization cheering the conviction of a construction company be sure its own members won't be targeted by prosecutors?

BuildingNYC Announces Training Partnership with Associated Builders and Contractors

BuildingNYC (BNYC), the group of contractors and workers promoting a merit-based construction industry in NYC, is announcing a path breaking partnership with Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC), a national trade association representing nearly 21,000 merit shop contractors, subcontractors, material suppliers and related firms across the United States.

Criminalization of Construction Accidents Forum August 3rd

Gotham Government Relations & Communications is hosting an informational forum to brief the construction industry on how the conviction this month of a general contractor of severe criminal charges sets a dangerous precedent that could put everyone working in the construction industry, union and nonunion alike, in grave danger, if left unchallenged.

Construction Oversight: Who Will Oversee the Overseers?

BNYC has taken such a strong stand against the criminalization of construction accidents. Adding prosecutorial discretion on top of the discretion that exists in the city’s regulatory regime is a recipe for disaster

Construction Equipment Guide: The Dangers of Criminalizing Construction Accidents

Construction Equipment Guide posts news on BNYC's editorial by Brad Gertsman published by Crain's New York Business:

Brad Gerstman in Crain’s: The danger of criminalizing construction accidents

The conviction this month of Harco Construction of severe criminal charges sets a dangerous precedent that could put everyone working in the construction industry—union and nonunion alike—in grave danger.

More Affordable Housing Falls Victim to Labor’s Self Interest

450 affordable apartments-part of the larger Astoria Cove development in Queens, have fallen victim to the narrow self interest of organized labor:

Crain’s: Crane inventor gives his side of the city’s ban—and backs it up

Over the past month there has been a great deal of press attention to the fate of the Skypicker, the innovative crane I designed to make aspects of construction safer and less expensive.

Construction Unions to New Yorkers: Pay Us or Stay Homeless

The play by the construction unions is a classic knock of the old wolf in sheep's clothing fable-hiding their rapaciousness behind the cloak of affordable housing even as they must know that paying their demand for “prevailing wages” will make it almost impossible to come anywhere near the mayor’s ambitious housing goals.

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