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Attention NYC Construction Companies! Learn more and help keep building in NYC open and competitive! Download, print and share the flyer!

Building NYC Worker Flyer

Attention NYC Construction Workers! Fight for fairness! Fight for your right to work! Download, print and share the flyer!

nyc constructionMuch of the NYC construction industry is under siege by forces that cling to old patterns of behavior.  These forces seek to undermine tens of thousands of minority workers doing the majority of the building in NYC and employing the greatest number of New Yorkers, especially minorities, thereby creating a diverse workforce who for the first time has significant opportunity for stability and longevity. These workers come from New York communities where unemployment exceeds the national average, thousands of whom are minorities who have been historically ignored by stakeholders wedded to an outmoded method of doing business.

This vibrant construction sector has been responsible for an upsurge in affordable housing development that has begun to address what the City sees as the most crucial public policy issue that we face in New York. This could not have happened under the old and discredited business model, whose proponents are now understandably lashing out in fear and anger as their market share continues to evaporate.

BuildingNYC is an association that represents the merit shops that are doing the majority of the building in NYC today, especially affordable housing. Comprised of workers across all sectors of the NYC construction industry, we seek to protect and advocate for the right to work in a safe, fair and equitable environment that promotes continued growth and success.

Building NYC is proud to partner with Associated Builders and Contractors.

Associated Builders and ContractorsABC is a recognized leader in skills training and apprenticeships for workers in the construction trades employed by merit based contractors and sub-contractors. ABC delivers programs that equip craft professionals with the knowledge and skills they need to improve their productivity and safety and advance their careers. ABC also offers the kind of apprenticeship programs that meet federal and state requirements for registered apprenticeship and prevailing wage work, including employer sponsored classroom instruction and on-the-job learning. Craft professionals who successfully complete a program are recognized at the journeyperson level and awarded a license.

The purpose of the collaboration is to enable the workers that are part of the BNYC company membership base to raise their skill levels so that they can not only have a safer work environment, but can also advance in their chosen profession and establish the foundation for a lifelong, well paying job and career.

NYP: Строительные профсоюзы Нью-Йорка затрудняют продвижение меньшинств вверх

Когда Аверил Моррисон подала в суд на "Международный союз эксплуатационных инженеров, местный 14-B" за расовую дискриминацию ещё в 2012 году, она подтвердила то, о чём нам было известно несколько десятков лет: профсоюзное строительство в городе Нью-Йорке ни в каком плане не служит стандартом социокультурного разнообразия на рабочем месте.

New York City Construction Workers! Help us build with true diversity, safety and fairness.

Join our movement and show your support. We’ll keep you updated on important events and initiatives and training programs!

The Real Story About Building in NYC is Being Written Every Day:

Bloomberg: Tishman Construction Admits Cheating Trade Center Clients

Tishman Construction Corp., builder of One World Trade Center in New York’s financial district, admitted to an overbilling scheme spanning a decade and agreed to pay $20 million in restitution and penalties.

Газета NYDN: ЭКСКЛЮЗИВ: “Национальная ассоциация содействия прогрессу цветного населения” (NAACP) заявляет, что “Совет строительных специальностей” (Building and Construction Trades Council) обманывает жителей Нью-Йорка относительно социокультурного разнообразия в строительных профсоюзах

"Национальная ассоциация содействия прогрессу цветного населения" (NAACP) штата вспарывает этническое и социокультурное многообразие городских строительных профсоюзов, заявляя о том, что "Совет строительных специальностей и строительного дела" (Building and Construction Trades Council) обманывает жителей Нью-Йорка относительно числа меньшинств своих рядах.

WSJ: Growth of Nonunion Construction Tests New York City Labor Leader

Even five years ago, it was unimaginable that a developer would defy the city’s powerful construction unions, led by Gary LaBarbera, and try to build a complicated Manhattan building without relying entirely on his members.

NYSAFAH: Уровень смертности на профсоюзных строительных площадках выше, чем уровень смертности на непрофсоюзных

Анализ демонстрирует, что не существует материальных свидетельств, предполагающих, что строительные площадки, где не работают профсоюзы, являются менее безопасными, чем профсоюзные площадки, а скорее наоборот. Причина в том, что как профсоюзные, так и непрофсоюзные организаторы строительства привержены принципу безопасности рабочего, и что все строительные площадки попадают под действие одних и тех же стандартов по безопасности г. Нью-Йорк, штата и федеральных законов.

WSJ: Around New York Building Sites, a Little-Known Threat

Yet at least once a month on average, a passerby is injured near a New York City construction site by anything from falling bricks, hammers and glass to windblown fences and collapsing sidewalk sheds.

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