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Crain’s: Crane inventor gives his side of the city’s ban—and backs it up

Over the past month there has been a great deal of press attention to the fate of the Skypicker, the innovative crane I designed to make aspects of construction safer and less expensive.

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Crain’s New York: The Little Crane That Should

Business magazine Crain's New York Business investigates why an innovative, compact crane called the "Skypicker" is not allowed to operate in the city after multiple successful runs on a Manhattan Construction site

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Crain’s: What killed 421-a? Old-fashioned protectionism

Key program to produce affordable housing is losing out to myopic and selfish pleading by organized labor

Crains: Union labor for construction is far more expensive than originally estimated

From Crain’s New York Business:

IBO rechecks its data and says the added burden is a whopping 23%

Using union labor to build affordable housing under the mayor’s ambitious program will be almost twice as costly as previously estimated.

The bottom line: 23% more, or $4.2 billion, which works out to $80,000 per unit.

In January, the […]

CRAINS: Where’s the pay in union construction?

While white workers in unionized construction make $29.44 per hour on average, black workers make $23.70. That’s almost 20% less than their white colleagues.